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“Cameroon in Crisis” Cameroon Country Conditions Webinar

On Tuesday, August 22nd, at 1 pm ET, the Cameroon Advocacy Network, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Haitian Bridge Alliance, and CASA will hold a webinar to discuss the current humanitarian crisis in Cameroon and the need for the United States government to extend and re-designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Cameroon. This webinar is to raise public awareness on the humanitarian crises and political violence that have gripped Cameroon over the last decade, forcing thousands of Cameroonians to run for their lives to desperately seek safety in the United States.

This virtual panel on Cameroon Country Conditions “Cameroon in Crisis” is one component of our larger advocacy efforts to educate individuals on the current status of human rights violations in Cameroon in hopes of persuading the United States to extend TPS. If not, deportees are at particular risk of being targeted for actual or imputed opposition to the government and, in the past, have experienced arbitrary detention and other abuses upon return. When deported to Cameroon, these asylum seekers have reported grave human rights violations, such as extortion, harassment, abuse that also extend to their relatives, and even death. Women in particular have been subject to rape with no proper channels for prosecution, given that their perpetrators are government officials.

The advocates and experts will raise these issues and highlight steps that should be taken to protect asylum seekers from Cameroon.