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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Cameroon Advocacy Network. .

Fondés et dirigés par des Camerounais de la diaspora en coalition avec des organisations de défense des droits des migrants et du droit, nous sommes dans une position unique pour défendre la liberté et la dignité des Camerounais, centrer les problèmes des migrants noirs et construire nos communautés pour qu'elles prospèrent.


CAN is coalition of activists and organizations committed to affirming migration as a human right, uplifting the issues faced by Cameroonians and all Black Migrants . We stand in solidarity with all Black immigrants fighting for liberation.

Goal: To unify international efforts dedicated to protecting immigrants and displaced individuals affected by the humanitarian crises, violence, persecution, or other human rights violations in Cameroon while spreading awareness to expose the root cause of migration from Cameroon

Fill out the form to join the network in advocating for the issues above. (Please indicate if you are currently in immigration proceedings, in need of legal assistance, orientation on your case other resources to help you thrive).

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for any questions or assistance please contact us at camadvocacy@haitianbridge.org

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